Bomen AI is a company that provides software and training content to other companies. We created a program that uses artificial intelligence to create training content.

Our software creates engaging courses for workers and decision makers, and embeds them onto your LMS or e-Learning platform.


Reporting Employees Education Progress

It presents the valuation report to you after the training of your employees through the system and the results of the exams made after the training are examined by artificial intelligence.

Correct Decision Making Mechanism

It determines the training that your employees should receive by making level measurement analyzes by artificial intelligence.

See employee competence increase.

It has a high discipline as it is controlled by artificial intelligence. It is a structure that keeps the competence of your employees alive.

Personalized learning path :

  • It is a learner-centered eLearning approach that emphasizes learner-specific goals and objectives, as well as preferences for mapping the courses.
  • A sequence of courses or learning materials frames the learning path that allows learners to build their knowledge progressively.
  • It is generated and changed dynamically based on learner’s job roles, their area of interest, learners’ progress, learning preferences, demographic information, competencies or knowledge levels, etc.
  • Usually, a learner model is built at the back-end to identify, collect and update variables to personalize different content to each individual learner.

Performance indicator :

  • It is used to pinpoint a certain learning pattern, such as significant changes in course failings, so instructors can advise the students before it is too late.
  • It will also provide a more effective way to analyze learner engagement data and identify their patterns.
  • Accordingly, the suggestion for the redesign of the content will be provided as additional support to learners who are failing to complete a course or a learning activity.

Chatbots :

  • It acts as the virtual assistant that provides conversational answers, serves as a quick reference guide, and as a knowledge management tool can tap into various sources of information that are distributed across the organization
  • An intelligent tutoring system presents a learning concept with a series of conversations for coaching and performance support.
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